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Toxic chemicals no longer required

SOLARIS[PRO] supersedes the use of Sodium-Azide or other preservatives in the chromatography solvent. This prevents interaction between Azide and sample.


Protects your system from down-time due to contamination

SOLARIS[PRO] sterilizes the solvent after filled into the bottle. With its builtin 0.2 μm air intake filter it keeps the solution free of biological pathogens like bacteria, fungi or algae. Moreover, it prevents the contamination with particles from the laboratory environment (e. g. dust).


Time and cost-saving

Constant sterilization with SOLARIS[PRO] allows recycling of the solvent. It saves expense for disposal of solvent waste after the measurements: no toxic chemicals added.


Easy to handle

  • The system comes ready to use and can be mounted on all 2 - 5 L solvent bottles with GL-45 thread.
  • Easy to install and to replace.
  • If cleaning is necessary: only rinse with DI water.
SOLARIS[PRO] Starter Kit

SOLARIS[PRO] Solvent Extraction Kit