Benefits | Specifications

Temperature controlled FFF measurements

With a large effective internal volume of 19 liters, THERMOS[PRO] is the first heating and cooling device to hold all Eclipse® series separation channels and also SEC columns up to a length of
450 mm.


Robust and reliable fractionations

Constant measurement conditions reduce fluctuations and enable more comparable results. THERMOS[PRO] supports measurements at temperatures from 4 to 90°C (at a room temperature of 20°C).



Multiple separation devices at the same time

Due to the innovative holder system, six 450 mm columns plus six pre-columns and an Eclipse® flat channel and Eclipse® HF5 cartridge can be mounted simultaneously.


Maintenance-free hardware

No consequential costs to expect because THERMOS[PRO] has no wear and tear parts.

Professional measurement setup

The capillaries are managed neatly by a system which can be adapted to the specific requirements so that the workstation is always tidy and therefore safe. The four laterally mounted multi-port pass-throughs offer a maximum degree of flexibility when connecting the THERMOS[PRO] to the existing HPLC and detector infrastructure.


Increase output and quality

Depending on the sample-properties the separation method can be more specifically adjusted leading to an improvement in quality or quantity of the measurements. In many cases aggregation and entanglement issues of the samples are strongly temperature dependent and can be decreased significantly by an appropriate choice of ambient temperature.

Multi-port pass-through

Clear view at any time

The interior is lit using modern LED technology so that the user can always monitor the separation experiments from the outside without interrupting the heating/cooling process by opening the door. This is essential in particular during FFF experiments.


Smart safety functions

All THERMOS[PRO] models feature a leakage detection as well as overheating/freezing protection. Furthermore, all organic versions are equipped with two redundantly acting vapor sensors. The user is notified visually and audibly in case of a fault. THERMOS[PRO] is always in contact with the other integrated devices on the hardware level and switches to standby mode automatically if third-party components fail.


THERMOS[PRO] can be operated by :

  • Agilent OpenLAB CDS ChemStation
  • Thermo Chromeleon 6.8 & 7.2
  • Thermos[PRO]Control Center (stand-alone application)